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Have you ever wish you could stop wasting your time and nerves while organizing and supervising transport? We can let you forget it was your problem at all. Tell us where Your load is, and where and when should it be. We will take care of the rest. Planning routes, stops, reloading and unloading, customs, transport, import and export documentation, permits, allowances and insurances – soon all of them will disappear from your daily schedule. Your cargo is fragile? Dangerous? Licensed? Requires a special transport temperature? Or maybe the exact, inviolable date of unloading? In RS Trans you will find a solution to each of these and many other problems.



Pharmaceutical transport

We transport pharmacological and medical products under strictly controlled conditions and constant supervision. Drug transport in RS TRANS is not only a predetermined loading space temperature, humidity adjusted to the specific load, safe delivery and careful unloading.



Vehicles and car parts transport

RS TRANS car components transportation in just in time and just in sequence systems is a tested and reliable service. We carry parts of any kind and size, as well as entire vehicles.

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Licensed cargo

Alcohol and tobacco transport

We have been delivering licensed goods throughout Europe for over a decade. RS Trans has an insurance and complete set of permissions suitable for transport in EU, as well as for import and export outside.

RS TransOur fleet

Vehicles tailored to your needs

The RS Trans transport fleet includes various vehicles adapted to the optimal transport requirements of various types of cargo. In our and our partners car park there are not only tractor units and classic semi-trailers for transporting containers or pallets on courtainsider. For express deliveries we have freight buses of various capacity, including those equipped with a lift. Our machinery park includes also refrigerated and low-bed semitrailers. For the needs of unusual loads, we can organize transport with a specialized vehicle of any type.

RS Trans

About us

RS Trans

Reliable international transport

For over 10 years, RS TRANS has provided business customers with reliable and trouble-free forwarding and transport services. We organize and carry out transports not only within the European Union, but accross entire European continent, often delivering cargo even further, to the Middle East, Central Asia and northern Africa. Our services include both road freight and sea transport.
We know how valuable your time and peace are, which is why keeping contracts, meeting deadlines and ensuring the safety of your cargo is our absolute priority. It does not matter whether you order the distribution of medicines to several dozen collection points, express transport of parts to the production plant at the other end of Europe for an exact time, or bringing a full container of Italian wine to Norway. After placing your order, you can easily focus on the next task, and we will take care of the details.


RS Trans

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