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transport and shipping

RS TRANS is focused on flexibility. The versatility of our offer is a result of not only experience and deep knowledge of the branch, but also an attitude open to innovation and unusual customer needs. Development and improvement of our services is not restricted to full truck loads within the European Union. We constantly expand area in which we operate, the range of goods we can carry and shipping models we can perform.


Partial loads

Groupage transport, reloads, cabotage, distribution

Our offer includes transport with any configuration of loading and unloading, as well as any size of cargo. With a diversified transport fleet, we can offer competitive prices even for small loads and a delivery speed unattainable for classic trucks.


Standard loads

Full loads, courtainsiders and containers

Our fleet carry full truck loads throughout Europe, western Asia and northern Africa. We are not limited to the European Union, for many years successfully handling imports and exports from outside the union.



Pharmaceutical transport

We transport pharmacological and medical products under strictly controlled conditions and constant supervision. Drug transport in RS TRANS is not only a predetermined loading space temperature, humidity adjusted to the specific load, safe delivery and careful unloading.



Vehicles and car parts transport

RS TRANS car components transportation in just in time and just in sequence systems is a tested and reliable service. We carry parts of any kind and size, as well as entire vehicles.


Licensed cargo

Alcohol and tobacco transport

We have been delivering licensed goods throughout Europe for over a decade. RS Trans has an insurance and complete set of permissions suitable for transport in EU, as well as for import and export outside.